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September 2019


301 Nassau Street North Winnipeg,
Manitoba R3L 2J5


337C Pembina Highway,
Winnipeg, MB R3L 2E4

75 minutes restorative yoga and Thai massage hands-on assists at Hot Yoga Winnipeg (301 Nassau Street North)
60 minutes float therapy at FLOAT.CALM Winnipeg (337C Pembina – 5 min walk from Hot Yoga Winnipeg)


is new, unique, and special.

Katja Holzhei, Neuland Yoga, Hot Yoga Winnipeg, and FLOAT.CALM – Winnipeg Floatation Therapy have teamed up to bring the most relaxing, stress-relieving, and peaceful wellness experience to you.

🧘 6.45-8.00pm: RESTORATIVE YOGA 🧘
Join us first for 75 minutes relaxing, gentle, soothing, and healing restorative yoga, accompanied by lots of Thai massage hands-on assists. The practice with Katja of Neuland Yoga is accessible for ALL LEVELS, no yoga pre-knowledge needed! We practice in normal room temperature (no extra heat). Please bring a mat, a bottle of water, and comfortable stretchy clothes.

β›΅ 8.30-9.30pm: FLOAT THERAPY β›΅
After your yoga class calmly walk down to FLOAT.CALM, Winnipeg’s Largest Floatation Therapy Centre, and enjoy a 60 minute Shavasana float in one of their comfortable Float Pods, filled with a solution of Epsom salt that make you experience the sensation of weightlessness. You literally will melt away.

It really cannot get more relaxing than this!

Please note:
⚠️ You cannot float if:
🚫 You have epilepsy that is not under medical control.
🚫 You have gotten a tattoo within the last 4-6 weeks.
🚫 You have a large open skin wound. (There’s a lot of salt. It’ll hurt.)
🚫 You have freshly dyed hair that has not been washed a minimum of 2x and the dye must no longer be bleeding.
🚫 You are using Keratin hair smoothing treatment and are not using a swimmers cap

This is for you if you need a quick staycation from daily life, if you need to slow down a bit, if you have troubles sleeping, if you cope with too much stress at the moment or if you just want to treat yourself with a very special wellness experience.

Space is limited to 5. Investment: $89+GST
Tickets are available online:
Please bring:
– a yoga mat & a bottle water

Please wear:
– comfortable, stretchy clothes

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November 2019


77 2 Ave SW, Carman, MB R0G 0J0


Are you struggling with self-doubt?
Are you struggling with negative, distracting thoughts?
Are you struggling with claiming your ground as a woman?

β€œCan you look in the mirror and truly accept the unique, wonderful work-in-progress person staring back at you?” (Marquita Herald, Emotionally Resilient Living)

Whatever your answer is – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! We are all in this together.

In the next Neuland Yoga women’s retreat and seminar we will be exploring the path and science of self-acceptance – one of the most important topics in positive psychology.

Self-acceptance is all about the relationship we have with ourselves. It affects everything – how we think, live, love, work, and how we interact with other people.

Join for an interactive weekend of
– yoga,
– mindfulness,
– meditation,
– workshops, and
– positive empowerment
for self-reflection, self-awareness, self-evaluation, and self-care and spend time in a safe and protected environment with a group of like-minded, supportive women.

During the weekend you will:
– understand what the meaning of self-acceptance is
– take the first steps and responsibility for YOUR life and YOUR healing process
– start recovering from the unhealthy aspects of your relationship to yourself
– learn how to accept your weaknesses and imperfections that reduce your well-being
– learn ways and techniques to practice self-acceptance every single day of your life

>> This is not just a retreat, it is a deeply transforming and healing experience you will benefit from in the long term. <<


More details, schedule, and pricing coming in the next few months. Save the date and sign up for the Neuland Yoga newsletter to stay in touch:

About Katja Holzhei:

Katja is a certified professional Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher’s Mentor, Thai Yoga Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner, trained Childbirth Educator, and writer. Born and raised in the former GDR she now lives and works right in the heart of Canada in Winnipeg (Manitoba). Katja has been working as a yoga teacher since 2007. As of today she has taught yoga on two continents to over 20,000 students.

Due to her East German background and roots, and her experience living under unfree conditions Katja strongly believes in human rights, equality, and the absolute necessity for personal, individual growth and freedom. She especially enjoys working with women of all ages and backgrounds, helping them through challenging times and transitions.

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