for the 5th Neuland Yoga retreat and seminar weekend “YOU.CAN.FLY.” – a women-only self-acceptance experience

is now open!

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November 1–3, 2019, Bell Aura Bed & Breakfast (Carman, MB).

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Are you struggling with self-doubt?
Are you struggling with negative, distracting thoughts?
Are you struggling with claiming your ground as a woman?

“Can you look in the mirror and truly accept the unique, wonderful work-in-progress person staring back at you?” (Marquita Herald, Emotionally Resilient Living)

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! We are all in this together.

Join the next Neuland Yoga women’s retreat and seminar weekend and explore the path and science of self-acceptance – one of the most important topics in positive psychology.

Self-acceptance is all about the relationship we have with ourselves. It affects everything – how we think, live, love, work, and how we interact with other people.

Join for an interactive weekend of
workshops, and
positive empowerment
for self-reflection, self-awareness, self-evaluation, and self-care and spend time in a safe and protected environment with a group of like-minded, supportive women.

During the weekend you will:
– understand what the meaning of self-acceptance is
– take the first steps and responsibility for YOUR life and YOUR healing process
– start recovering from the unhealthy aspects of your relationship to yourself
– learn how to accept your weaknesses and imperfections that reduce your well-being
– learn ways and techniques to practice self-acceptance every single day of your life

This is not just a retreat, it is a deeply transforming and healing experience you will benefit from in the long term.

Let’s rise together –



Friday, November 1

4–6 pm Arrival (Please arrive on time!)

6–7.30pm We dive right into the theme of the weekend by practicing yoga and breathwork for self-discovery, followed by an Acceptance of Emotions Meditation

8–10ish pm Get together, vegetarian dinner, intention setting for the weekend, and a little detective game to get to know each other

Saturday, November 2

7.30–8.30am Vegetarian breakfast

9–10.30 am Introduction to the Science of Self-Acceptance – Self-Acceptance vs. Self-Judgement – The “worthiness” of human beings –  Become aware of your personal standards and how much of a burden they can be – Take the first steps to free yourself

11–11.45am A light and playful yoga practice to shake of heaviness and to clear heart and mind from worries

12.15–1.30pm Vegetarian lunch/brunch

1.30–3.30pm Self-time (Discover Carman, have a nap, go for a walk, or book an hour Thai massage with Katja – only 1 available!)

3.30–6 pm We look closer into the topic of Self-Worth – What does Self-Esteem have to do with it? – How do you evaluate your worth as a human being and as a woman? – How can you develop more unconditional self-acceptance? – How can you cultivate a more self-accepting attitude towards yourself? – You will be learning practical tools for your daily life practice.

6.30–7.45pm Vegetarian dinner

8–10 pm Kirtan with Shell & Anton of Shell Andrea Yoga & Kirtan (Winnipeg) – a healing, meditative, empowering, relaxing, and heart-opening mantra chanting practice (you can listen, you can chant (sing), you can dance, you can meditate … everyone is free to choose how to participate – this is an open public event, guests can join for $25)

WINTERTIME BEGINS with one more hour of sleep!

Sunday, November 3

8 am (sleep in or join for a) Silent Sunrise Meditation or a mindful walk

8.30–9.30am Vegetarian breakfast

10–11 am a 30-minute restorative and yin yoga practice, followed by a 30-minute Self-Acceptance Meditation

12–2 pm Vegetarian brunch, loving-kindness exchange circle, and closing


(Times may be subject to change.)

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Katja makes each student feel like their practice is important, giving spot on personal instruction. I always leave her class with renewed passion for my practice, either because I’ve learned something new that I can work on, or she’s noticed I’ve achieved a personal goal. Korey


Katja is an excellent yoga instructor. She is mindful and attentive and leads a fun and focused class. Katja is very knowledgeable and intuitive and she shares her knowledge freely.



Her patience, persistence and guidance combined with your dedication to practice are a formula for continued success in your life. She can change your perception and your physical well being by providing you with the tools vital in staying young, both physically and mentally.