Any time women come together with a collective intention,
it’s a powerful thing.
Whether it’s sitting down making a quilt,
in a kitchen preparing a meal,
in a club reading the same book,
or around the table playing cards,
or planning a birthday party,
when women come together with a collective intention,
magic happens.

Phylicia Rashad

American actress & singer

Katja makes each student feel like their practice is important, giving spot on personal instruction. I always leave her class with renewed passion for my practice, either because I’ve learned something new that I can work on, or she’s noticed I’ve achieved a personal goal.



Katja is an excellent yoga instructor. She is mindful and attentive and leads a fun and focused class. Katja is very knowledgeable and intuitive and she shares her knowledge freely.



Her patience, persistence and guidance combined with your dedication to practice are a formula for continued success in your life. She can change your perception and your physical well being by providing you with the tools vital in staying young, both physically and mentally.