October 19 – 21, 2018

Bell Aura Bed & Breakfast

Carman MB

is a weekend-long mindful and restorative retreat for women, focused on creating inner peace, calmness, (self)compassion, and self-confidence.

Suitable for all women, different ages, and all level yoga practitioners. Also suitable for pregnant women, all trimesters.

Meet other like-minded women and support each other with new ideas and helpful advice. Enjoy great food, nurturing time for body and soul, and the unique and magical atmosphere at the Bell Aura B&B. Leave refreshed, motivated, and empowered after a weekend full of mindful moments and with enough inspiration and momentum to make a positive change in your life.


Friday, October 19
-> 4–6pm: Arrival
-> 6.30–7.30pm: Light vegetarian dinner
(A 120 minute restorative yoga practice with Thai massage inspired hands-on assists. The perfect practice to allow you to leave your week behind you and to arrive for your weekend. This 2 hour peaceful practice of relaxing, refreshing, healing, and soothing yoga is accessible for ALL LEVELS, no yoga pre-knowledge needed.)

Saturday, October 20
Sleep in or
-> 7.30–8.30am: Light vegetarian snacks, hot water with lemon, tea, coffee, juice
-> 9-9.30am (or longer): MINDFUL WALK
(Mindful walking is an active practice that requires to be consciously aware and moving in the environment rather than sitting down in stillness. The practice connects you with the nature around you and your body. It also helps strengthen concentration, increases awareness, and connects to the NOW, present moment. Bad weather alternative: Mindfulness practice inside.)
-> 10.30am–12pm: Vegetarian brunch/lunch
-> 1–3pm: Workshop: I LOVE MYSELF!
(Let’s talk about SELF-COMPASSION.)
Realise and understand how much you care for yourself already and find out what else you can do using alternative self-caring actions. Learn how to treat yourself like a loving, accepting, and supportive friend. Learn how to be warm and understanding toward yourself when you are suffering rather than being self-critical.
-> 3–3.15pm: refreshment break
->3.30–5.30pm: Workshop: THE LOVE CONNECTION
(Let’s practice LOVING KINDNESS.)
The research field of positive emotion has shown that people who experience warmer, more upbeat emotions tend to live longer and healthier lives. So let’s practice and cultivate the emotion of love through simple exercises that you can use in every day life.
-> 6.–7.30pm: SLOW FLOW YOGA and YOGA NIDRA
(An 90 minute slow, gentle, and meditative yoga practice for all levels. The focus will be on opening the major joints of the body, decompressing the spine, quieting the mind, and creating more internal space. The practice will help you to feel more grounded and calm. We will finish the class with a YOGAN NIDRA practice, the yoga of aware sleep, to turn your focus inward and away from busyness and distraction.)
-> 8–9.30pm: Vegetarian dinner

Sunday, October 21
-> 7.30–8.30am: Light vegetarian breakfast snacks
-> 9–9.45am: SUNRISE YOGA (A 45 minute refreshing, energising, and awakening practice for all levels.)
-> 10.15–11.30pm: Vegetarian brunch
-> 12–1.30pm: Workshop: SELF-MOTIVATION
Let’s have a look and get a new perspective on self-motivation.
You will become aware of how you feel when you use self-criticism to motivate yourself. Let’s find different, less self-attacking ways to enhance your motivation so that you leave with fresh ideas and lots of positive vibes and energy.


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Impressions from the last Neuland Yoga retreat “Step into your power”, April 2018:

Impressions from the last Neuland Yoga retreat “Shine your light”, November 2017:

Katja makes each student feel like their practice is important, giving spot on personal instruction. I always leave her class with renewed passion for my practice, either because I’ve learned something new that I can work on, or she’s noticed I’ve achieved a personal goal.



Katja is an excellent yoga instructor. She is mindful and attentive and leads a fun and focused class. Katja is very knowledgeable and intuitive and she shares her knowledge freely.



Her patience, persistence and guidance combined with your dedication to practice are a formula for continued success in your life. She can change your perception and your physical well being by providing you with the tools vital in staying young, both physically and mentally.