We hired Katja and Neuland Yoga to do an 8 week workplace yoga program. While we were a small group, her practice was engaging, comfortable (but not too comfortable to not be challenging!) and her style was amazing. I have done yoga in the past, but I can honestly say that I didn’t really enjoy it until I participated in classes led by Katja. There were moments where I was wondering if I could do the poses, but her style is so non-intimidating that she coached us through it all. Thank you for the sessions, Katja!

Julie Farnsworth

Director, Human Resources, Delta Winnipeg Hotel

I have been attending Pre-Natal Yoga classes with Katja from about my 16th week of pregnancy. When I first started going to the classes I had ZERO previous yoga experience and I was nervous about the positions and my capabilities (I have tachycardia with irregular heartbeats, which cause me to be short of breath and I am not physically active in many structured classes).

The class was not overly large with approximately eight to ten other women, each seemed to have a greater knowledge of Yoga poses than I… but Katja puts her students at ease and really gets to know each of us. She does an amazing job tailoring the poses to everyone in the class depending on their fitness level and where they are at their pregnancies.

She always emphasizes the importance of things feeling good and not perfection in each pose. I leave the class with my spirit energized and renewed connection to my baby.



Katja makes each student feel like their practice is important, giving spot on personal instruction. I always leave her class with renewed passion for my practice, either because I’ve learned something new that I can work on, or she’s noticed I’ve achieved a personal goal. Korey


Katja is an excellent yoga instructor. She is mindful and attentive and leads a fun and focused class. Katja is very knowledgeable and intuitive and she shares her knowledge freely.



Her patience, persistence and guidance combined with your dedication to practice are a formula for continued success in your life. She can change your perception and your physical well being by providing you with the tools vital in staying young, both physically and mentally.



I appreciate Katja for her very valuable and competent teaching skills. Her classes at my studio stood out due her excellent understanding of both yoga in general and Bikram Yoga in particular. Katja always taught highly motivated, friendly, and mindfully with attention to the group as a whole as well as the students individually.

Beate Fink

Founder and owner Bikram Yoga Berlin-Mitte

I have struggled with tight shoulders and hips for many years. Katja has excellent body awareness and, after two treatments with Katja, no question, there is improvement. Katja knows just how far to take you, with definite goals for singular treatments that meld together in a series to promote maximum results. For me perhaps the biggest gift is how she succeeds in quieting my mind.

So, for anyone seeking a treatment that encompasses the concepts of mind, body and spirit I would highly recommend the Thai Yoga offered by Katja. 



Katja is an inspirational and passionate teacher. She has an understanding of all types of bodies. She has a vast amount of knowledge and insight to guide, improve, correct, assist and challenge a student to achieve their full potential while compassionately respecting the emotional or physical limitations of the day.

She is truly a gifted teacher, a gentle soul, and I am honored every time I take her class.

Humbly and with great respect,



Katja was incredibly helpful in a major transitioning time in my teaching and private life. She’s a pragmatic, intelligent and curious yoga teacher, always open to different points of view and genuinely there for her students…a real capacity to always be present.

Katja’s nurturing and kind, a naturally gifted Thai massage therapist. Words don’t justice to the support she has generously lent me, privately and professionally as an extension of her own authentic spirit.


yoga teacher

I thought Katja was professional, knowledgeable, dedicated, and precise in her teachings. When I discovered that she was teaching private sessions I met with her and we talked about my concerns and how she could help. Katja put together lessons that taught me about good stress and bad stress, encouraged me to look inward and identify my stressors, and helped me set aside key times during the day to practice different types of breathing and poses that facilitated relaxation and peaceful feelings. (…) All the while, she was patient, understanding, and supportive. And she knows her stuff!

Her calm strength, passion for helping, and knowledge of yoga and meditation have been one of the many foundational pillars that have grounded me and lifted me up toward a happier life!



I liked Katja right from the beginning for her focused, calm, and professional manner. With her classes she always conveyed a wonderful feeling. In a short time my back pain and stress-related issues disappeared, and my general well-being improved. As a physician I can confirm Katja‘s well-founded anatomical and medical knowledge. I absolutely recommend Katja as a yoga teacher.



When I think I have reached my limit in a Bikram pose, Katja notices that I have more to give and shows me how to reach the next level. This has been a great help with many poses, most recently Cobra:

Who knew I could lift my chest that high off the ground? Katja knew.



Katja is a very open-minded, dedicated, reliable, and helpful teacher who consequently lives her passion for yoga. She has an extraordinary talent for positively motivating people. Her strong analytical skills and her capability to meet to the individual, always changing, and most varied needs of her students are remarkable.



During my pregnancy I was looking for a yoga class to prepare for giving birth. I could join Katja‘s course without any pre-knowledge and felt very comfortable there right from the beginning. Katja conveyed us not to be worried about appearances or being nonathletic. Priority of the classes always was our well-being and the fun of exercising.