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Katja Holzhei & Neuland Yoga

Katja Holzhei

is a certified professional Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher’s Mentor, Thai Yoga Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner, and writer. Born and raised in Germany she now lives and works right in the heart of Canada in Winnipeg (Manitoba). Katja has been working as a yoga teacher since 2007. As of today she has taught yoga on two continents to over 15,000 students.

Yoga Teacher Trainings & Qualifications

Certified Thai Yoga Therapist
(2015, Navina, Canada)

Certified Teacher for Vinyasa Flow Yoga
(2009, Spirit Yoga Berlin, Germany)

Certified Teacher for Pre- and Postnatal Yoga
(2008, Spirit Yoga Berlin, Germany)

Certified Teacher for Bikram Yoga / Hot Yoga
(2007, Yoga College of India, USA)

Workshops and Seminars with:

Additional Education

  • Certified Relaxation Expert (2011, BTB, Germany)
  • Certified Nutrionist (2012, BTB, Germany)
  • Certified Journalist (2004/05, ILS, Germany)
  • First Aid & CPR (yearly, Red Cross Canada)


Member of:

is the German expression for new and unexplored territory.



is the modern, open-minded, and undogmatic fusion of yoga and Thai yoga therapy. Katja offers high quality yoga sessions to private clients in the comfort of their home or office. She also teaches public group classes, workshops, and seminars.

Somebody who sets foot on Neuland is breaking fresh ground, is discovering unknown frontiers. Embarking on such an experience needs an open mind, the spirit of adventure, courage, self-confidence, and sometimes a professional guide to go the first steps or the whole journey together.

Certified with:

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